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im reading this

2011-10-25 13:51:53 by xilibly-OMEGA

its fucking awesome!

im reading this


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2011-10-26 21:54:02

Okay, one thing I have to say. I am going to be nowhere near as active on this site anymore. Hell, I might leave.

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

yeah.. people on newgrounds have forgotten that i exist


2011-10-28 06:43:46

original is always best

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

what are you talking about


2011-10-28 06:45:00

lol no we havent u just need to make an original madness movie with your own sprites :p

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

1: i gave up on anomating
2: what the fuck are you talking about


2011-11-03 13:10:15

haha spiderman comics...I Iike them, the old ones especially :)

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

yh but 2099 in bad ass