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2011-09-24 10:03:04 by xilibly-OMEGA

i have drew a picture of hank and will upload it soon :D.
when i upload it the link will appear here(or just check my art):.click here for the picture of hank!
i am really happy with this years Madness Day it has turned out brilliantly and there are a lot of god submissions. have you found anything awesome? i sure have.


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2011-09-24 15:15:02

I am really gettin into your art.

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

wow thanks man :)


2011-09-25 03:02:12

Well me and death have a good flash up btw borrowed your cat we cool?

xilibly-OMEGA responds:

sure if you kill it put a poptart in a toaster and it should jump out in space