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2011-09-22 03:40:30 by xilibly-OMEGA

the title says it all


2011-09-18 13:05:29 by xilibly-OMEGA

i have finally contributed to the website so please check out my art if you would.
so to celebrate my months of me bragging about making an animation and then i submitted art instead how about we watch a video :D
(before viewing my art beware that it sucks)


2011-09-16 16:17:17 by xilibly-OMEGA

after using newgrounds and planning to submit things for a year (i used newgrounds before I made the paranaisme account and ninjarana) i am finally submitting something. but, it will not be an animation for this MD so i will be submitting art but im not sure for madness day i was thinking of drawing some minecraft pictures, but whatever as all of my posts i will now say something that you must acknowledge :
chicken butt

my art portal has something crappy in it :D please check it out

this is a post so read it.

2011-09-13 17:21:20 by xilibly-OMEGA

ok i have read some comments on my previous post for example "what car do you drive"- fallowerofhank, apologiez for this example. i am in fact 13.
by the way extra information:
this post may possibly be updated so enjoy :D


2011-09-01 19:42:38 by xilibly-OMEGA

if you are going to reply to this post reply to it randomly but with words... good day

i haven't been on newgrounds in a few days so i have made this post of no reason but to post a picture.

hello fellow newgrounders and stuff

false alarm!

2011-08-25 07:22:28 by xilibly-OMEGA

hey im back on this account once again sorry about that i was banned from reviewing but i found out its because a moderator has been hacked

i just got banned from reviewing so im going back to my old account.......damn

some stuff :)

2011-08-21 11:54:22 by xilibly-OMEGA

have you herd about the bird?

ok this post will be my 3rd post :p and from now on i will use 3 as some sort of entertainment number or something stupid like that.....so??? yeah ill post some videos and pictures here. good day!

am i the only one who thinks this looks brilliant?

well well well

2011-08-19 09:41:07 by xilibly-OMEGA

so i have been messing around with none madness sprite animation and i am pretty good at it. wow i swear i typed this before? any way i am beginning to think that madness animating isnt for me. any way
on a lighter note:
and now for some entertainment :)
dont worry the nightmare link has gone........for now

well well well